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Product Code [166PPSH]

Our Price: £1,879.00

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POWER® Pent Summerhouse 16x6

Power® Pent Summerhouse 16x6 is a great quality, modern, light & airy, modular summerhouse. This UK manufactured summerhouse is made using high grade Scandinavian timber, joinery made doors with pre-fitted windows, and features tongue and groove walls, floor and roof!

The Power® Pent Summerhouse comes with heavy duty framing, non-tear roofing felt, extra high wall height, and a 10-year guarantee as standard, however the most appealing feature of this shed is the vast range of door and window layouts available... allowing you to create your perfect summerhouse. This fantastic building is available in 18 popular sizes: from 4x4 up to 20x6, all with pre-fitted double doors, and toughened glass safety windows... YOU HAVE THE POWER!



  • Highly adaptable modular configuration
  • Plenty room inside with high eaves
  • Easy to assemble c/w fastenings & simple instructions 
  • Pre-fitted toughened safety glass and joinery made doors
  • High quality, extra strong, Scandinavian Pine
  • Double size heavy duty framing on walls and at corners
  • Diagonal framing on walls and door for extra strength and longevity
  • 16mm nominal (12mm finish) tongue & groove roof, walls & floor
  • Long-lasting Golden Oak preservative treatment (inside & out)
  • Zinc galvanised ironmongery
  • Pre-fitted internal lock with key

Quality Construction

High quality, joinery-made, fully glazed doors and window units are pre-fitted as standard and just like the high quality sheds, all Power Summerhouses are constructed using high quality, slow growing Scandinavian Pine with 16mm nominal (12mm finished) tongue and groove timber, on the roof, walls AND floor. Please note that NO chipboard, OSB or low-grade timber is used in the construction of this building. Power® Summerhouses are supplied pre-treated with an Eco-friendly Golden Oak preservative basecoat (inside & outside) at no extra charge. Heavy, smoothed, rounded and planed framing (44x28mm) has been used internally, and is doubled throughout the shed and at the corners for extra strength. For security, a rim-lock c/w mortice key is fitted internally. Non-tear polyester roofing felt is supplied to keep the roof watertight.

Strong WallsStrong CornersNo-Tear Polyester Roofing Felt


Modular Flexibility

This design is known as a modular summerhouse. Panels can be positioned anywhere you like, enabling you to design the perfect door/wall/window setup for you.




This shed is supplied pre-treated with a quality, brown (golden oak), non-toxic preservative base coat. Each panel is treated inside and out (including end grain, tongues, grooves and cut-outs. This is a long-lasting preservative, allowing you to use the shed straight away. There is no need to paint for the first year, but you can change the colour or over-paint at any time if you prefer.


Doors, Locking System & Windows

The joinery-made double doors on this summerhouse are great... they are pre-fitted with toughened safety glass. They are fitted internally with a rim-lock c/w mortice key for convenience, and have an easy grab handle, non-rusting, zinc galvanised hinges, and a turn-button are supplied as standard onto a 1034mm (40") wide double door. Windows are made from strong, secure toughened safety glass, and they are pre-fitted onto a non-rot window sill. Alternatively, this summerhouse can be supplied with fewer window units if you prefer (at no additional charge).

Non-Rust Pull HandleInternal Lock with Key



This summerhouse is supplied ready to go onto an existing solid base made from concrete, slabs, or decking, however if you don't have anything in place, you can purchase a Power® Base. It is pressure-treated, and is fitted below the summerhouse to create a solid base for your building to sit on, whilst allowing ventilation below your building.

Power Base FramePower Base on SoilPower Base with Floor

We can also supply shelving if required... ideal if you want to turn your summerhouse into a garden bar!


  Specifications Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any queries regarding the dimensions, or if you require exact sizes. Roof overhangs will extend beyond the Body Size shown below. Dimensions listed below are finished sizes... nominal sizes are quoted above.
Power® Summerhouse Framing Walls Roof Floor External Size (exc. overhangs) (mm) Door Size (mm) Windows
PENT (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) Length Width Eaves Ridge Height Width On Walls On Doors
4x4 44PPSH 44x28 12 12 12 1302 1214 1913 2028 1630 1034 2 2
6x4 64PPSH 44x28 12 12 12 1902 1214 1913 2028 1630 1034 2 2
8x4 84PPSH 44x28 12 12 12 2492 1214 1913 2028 1630 1034 4 2
10x4 104PPSH 44x28 12 12 12 3092 1214 1913 2028 1630 1034 4 2
12x4 124PPSH 44x28 12 12 12 3682 1214 1913 2028 1630 1034 6 2
14x4 144PPSH 44x28 12 12 12 4282 1214 1913 2028 1630 1034 6 2
16x4 164PPSH 44x28 12 12 12 4872 1214 1913 2028 1630 1034 8 2
18x4 184PPSH 44x28 12 12 12 5472 1214 1913 2028 1630 1034 8 2
20x4 204PPSH 44x28 12 12 12 6062 1214 1913 2028 1630 1034 10 2
4x6 46PPSH 44x28 12 12 12 1302 1814 1913 2028 1630 1034 2 2
6x6 66PPSH 44x28 12 12 12 1902 1814 1913 2028 1630 1034 2 2
8x6 86PPSH 44x28 12 12 12 2492 1814 1913 2028 1630 1034 4 2
10x6 106PPSH 44x28 12 12 12 3092 1814 1913 2028 1630 1034 4 2
12x6 126PPSH 44x28 12 12 12 3682 1814 1913 2028 1630 1034 6 2
14x6 146PPSH 44x28 12 12 12 4282 1814 1913 2028 1630 1034 6 2
16x6 166PPSH 44x28 12 12 12 4872 1814 1913 2028 1630 1034 8 2
18x6 186PPSH 44x28 12 12 12 5472 1814 1913 2028 1630 1034 8 2
20x6 206PPSH 44x28 12 12 12 6062 1814 1913 2028 1630 1034 10 2

This high quality shed has a long lifespan, and it comes with a manufacturers 10-Year Warranty. We recommend that you assemble the building on a solid, free-draining base, ideally with at least 60cm free space all around for maintenance and to avoid splash back. You should treat all exposed sections with a high quality preservative every year in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Please ensure that regular general maintenance is carried out on all moving parts. Roofing felt should be regularly inspected (especially before and after storms), and replaced as and when required.

All products are delivered sectional/flat-packed to kerbside unless stated otherwise. Information shown above has been supplied by the manufacturer, and is as accurate as possible (errors and omissions excepted), however they are intended only as a guide. *The free delivery service covers mainland Scotland, England, and Wales. Delivery to Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, offshore islands (and possibly some remote rural areas) will be subject to an additional charge... please call for a quote.

Power Delivery Map

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IMPORTANT: Imperial sizes shown in the description are approximate, and are provided by the manufacturer purely as a guide. Please refer to the metric dimensions for more accurate sizes, or contact us prior to purchase if you have any specific requirements.